Care Water, which contains ions (electrically charged particles), has the ability to get rid of active oxygen. Recently there has even been a theory that this active oxygen is the cause for aging. 

Care Water supports the bodily production of nutrients such as ceramide and collagen, both nutrients that help keep your skin youthful. Given that with age the natural ability for the body to produce such nutrients (their regenerative ability) weakens, Care Water with its faintly-charged negative ions can serve as a great activating force and stimulant for the body’s regenerative ability. Care Water takes advantage of the Aquaporin (a molecule in the water membrane that facilitates selective transportation of certain water molecules in and out of cells) and makes it so that only water molecules with ions can pass through, which is responsible for the continuous hydration of the skin. In this way, Care Water not only creates nutrients for the skin, but also serves as a transporter of charged water molecules to the depths of the skin. 

The advantageous properties of the Care Water facial lotion:

  • Fast penetration. Due to the fact that Care Water has a lower surface tension than water, Care Water is more absorbable, which allows for it to be a deep moisturizer. Negative ion water is 107x more absorbable than regular water, so it penetrates to the core of hair and skin.
  • Ionized. Care Water has been ionized -150mV. The negative ions in the Care Water help rid the body of active oxygen, a molecule that is said to be the cause of aging, and therefore also maintain the youth of the skin (it is an antioxidant).
  • Electrolyzed Reduced Water (alkaline water). Only ionized water can pass through the layers of the skin and penetrate the depths of the skin.
  • Transporter. Care Water, being an ionized water, is an excellent transporter, carrying necessary nutrients as well as water deep into the skin. 
  • Because it is negatively charged, it bonds to hair and skin, providing moisture.
  • Care Water is an alkaline water and due to its high pH, can kill bacteria.
  • Strengthens fine hair, making it feel thicker.
  •  Boosts the strength of conditioners, treatments or styling aids, allowing the products to penetrate deeper and work better.
  •  If used on skin as a face mist, pre-toner, serum or moisturizer, enhances the efficacy of your skin care regimen.
  • Can be used as a makeup remover on face and eyes.
  • Lightly spray over the face after applying makeup to prevent the makeup from running or smearing throughout the day.
  • Can even be used to brush teeth.

How to use:  Spray an appropriate amount of Care Water on a facial cotton pad or on your hands and gently and thoroughly rub into your skin, starting from the center of your face and gradually moving outwards. For any particular problem areas, rub in extra thoroughly.