With passion for Style

Innovative, Personal. Comfortable. This renowned hair salon offers a unique experience, one that soothes on the inside, while enhancing the outside.  Here you can calm your mind, while discovering your own, individual beauty.  Expert hands will make you look and feel beautiful. 

Salon Ishi has been one of Manhattan’s best-kept beauty secrets for years.  The brainchild of Eisaburo Ishikawa, this jewel of a salon opened to the public in 1992, and is based on the Ishi philosophy that clients be offered service. A discerning clientele who quickly grew to love the top quality expertise and service quickly embraced salon Ishi.  Salon Ishi offers expert hair styling for men and women, state-of-the-art styling treatments, as well as a wealth of pampering options to soothe and relax frazzled nerves.  Ishi’s philosophy, while seemingly simple, represents a fundamental shift within the world of beauty: to create a haven where clients and staff can find happiness and joy.

The depth of the details to create this unique experience include biological oxidation and ionizer air filters, to clean the air, magnetic clamps on the water pipes to purify the water, purifying filters added to the water spray bottles, blow dryers with sound reducers to quiet their sound, ionic blow-dryers that change the structure of the water molecule using less heat – less damage.  

Eisaburo Ishikawa is ISHI

Ishi was born in Okayama Japan, the youngest of three boys.  His mother, a housewife and father, a construction engineer for the water and power company required them to move around a lot.  During elementary and jr. high school he was required to have his hair cut in a “crew” cut.  He hated it.  This was probably what started his interest in hairdressing.  We won't mention his love of women.

After attending beauty school he apprenticed at the Koji Asoh beauty Salon in Tokyo.  His boss was very influenced by the great French hairstylists.  Carita, a salon specializing in elegant, feminine, sexy beauty was particularly special to Mr. Asoh.  Ishi worked at Mr. Asoh’s for six years before deciding to move to the United States.

He arrived in Los Angeles and became Ishi.  To familiarize himself with western hairstyles and textures he attended Yamano Beauty College.  After 4 months he moved to New York.  He started working at the Yves Claude Salon on Madison Avenue.  He built a very elegant clientele during the 14 years he worked there.  He secretly dreamed of one day opening his own salon. 

 He is not interested in the dictates of fashion.  He does recognize and respect that fashion has an influence on his work but beauty is what he is truly interested.  Lifestyle lets him know the taste that one is comfortable.  The type of hair texture tells him what are his limitations.  And, a person’s face and body frame gives him the parameters of what is going to make them their most beautiful.  Making someone feel good about themselves is the heart of the beauty industry. 

Of paramount importance for Ishi is to emphasize the most important beauty secret: enabling a person to feel good about themselves.